Softball Skills Clinics
Did you know that the average high school batter can make it from home to first base in under 4 seconds while the quicker batters can make it in 3 seconds? That equates to 2 feet per 10th of a second.
How many times have you seen a batter beat your throw by a step or two and wished that you could have made the throw quicker?
Are you aware that the average incoming freshman lacks the fielding and throwing mechanics necessary to throw the average batter out from 3rd base.
Do you realize that you may be one of those players, because you lack a fundamental skill that is preventing you from fielding and throwing to your full potential?
Attend the Fielding and Throwing Clinic this Saturday, July 29th to learn the required fundamentals that can take multiple 10ths of seconds off your fielding and throwing time.
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